Introducing the following New Technologies and Products for Printmakers:
• ‘Century Plates’--Erasable and reusable Aluminum Lithography Plates;
• ‘D & S Bio-Solut’ and ‘Bio-Laq’; Bio-based and bio-degradable materials for processing Lithography Stones and Ball-grained Plates;
• ‘D & S Posi-Coat’; Bio-based photo coating for sensitizing Lithography Stones and Plates and for Intaglio Photo-Resist applications (Copper, Zinc, Aluminum).

Our manufacturing partners for the D & S Bio-products are U.S. FLUIDS.COM.
Our distribution partners for the D & S Bio-products to the Graphic Arts markets are:

Renaissance Graphic Arts

Century Plates are available directly from CSPogue Gaphics. Contact


For technical questions and support, email Skip at:

Download SDS for Bio-Solut Download SDS for Bio-Lac Download SDS for Posi-Coat